Too Chill

We've been busy. Not busy in the way you would expect. My friend called me the other day and asked how packing was going, I responded with, "Oh fine, a little here a little there". She responded with, "You're so calm." Here's the deal: I'm not very good at getting things done quickly. I have spurts of motivation to get rid of and pack up the things I'm not willing to part with, it's just too bad I don't have those spurts more often.

Today we played and I think tomorrow we will do the same. I'm just too chill I guess (this is the nice way of saying I'm a procrastinator).

Somehow, magically I suppose our things will pack themselves and be on their way. So far I am enjoying the art of being a minimalist. If we haven't used it, played with it, or worn it, it's shipped off to the Salvation Army! Life feels good when it's not cluttered.

Tonight was the perfect night for catching up with loved ones we hadn't seen in a while, the packing had to wait.

Tomorrow's gonna be hot, I think we'll swim.



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