Time is a peculiar thing. It can be both wonderful and frustrating. My favorite moments are those that seem like they will last forever--like the fresh start to a weekend, Monday is nowhere in sight. Other moments in life time can be stressful, wasted, not appreciated. Time can be a mere slot to fill. It can be taken for granted, it's not always enjoyed.

Last night we soaked up time with our little guys. As the setting sun began to cast golden light and the temperature became comfortable, we laughed, entertained (Vitali did the entertaining), and enjoyed each other. Nothing was calling, messaging, or talking at us. We weren't competing for each other's attention, everyone had it.

Valued time is precious and it has to be fought for.

This is good.                                 

This time should not be lost.      

This time should not be given away.

This time should be fought for.


© 2014 Natalie Falls