Things Are Looking Up

The last few days have been hot. The only thing that I've felt like in the last few days is something cold to drink and water to play  in. I'm pretty sure packing doesn't come to mind.

So far I feel a little defeated with packing. Here's the issue: for every box I pack, my boys make five messes. I feel like I'm going in circles. So I gave up and just started taking pictures of them messing things up.

I needed inspiration and motivation. Earlier today my brother called and said he'd help with a couple truck loads--motivation! I got my buns in gear and packed, oh but it wasn't easy, a nap was calling my name. Every time I walked by my bed I felt the urge to fall into a deep sleep. I painfully resisted the temptation (didn't want to let Brother Lee down).

When we walked into my sister's house we were greeted by a big "Welcome Falls family, we love you!" written on the mirror in dry erase marker. We're moving in this weekend. I'm excited to show you our setup, it's gonna be good. Meanwhile I'll be fighting the temptation of napping and playing in water.


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