The Unexpected Question

This morning my babies and I galavanted around town. First stop--post office, it's always nice to send friends mail. Next stop--our favorite coffee shop, we wanted to suprise daddy with a coffee and a bear claw. Last stop--the spice shop, and that's where it happened, the unexpected question. As we walked into the dimly lit spice shop we were greeted by two lovely women. They were excited to show us around and let us sniff and taste until our nostrils were content and our taste buds satisfied. The ladies couldn't get enough of my boys. Vitali talked to them about volcanoes while Elias stretched his feet up to his ears, smiling and making sounds only Elias can make. The two women adored my boys, and because of that they have a new costumer. As we were talking about how many children I wanted, I told them I wanted a big family. I listed my reasons, but  with my last reason I was hesitant. Hesitant because I want to represent my son well.  So I went on with my last reason, I think a big family will be good for Elias, he has Down Syndrome and the more interaction he has with his siblings the better.

As soon as I finished explaining my ideal family, sweet Vitali with his big green eyes looked up at me and asked me the question. It was a question I thought I had time to prepare for, one that would come years later. But it didn't, he asked me today. He asked me in front of two women that needed to know that we love people with Down Syndrome.

"Mommy, what's Down Syndrome?" I swallowed hard and within seconds I put my confident mommy face on and gave the best explanation I could to a three-year-old. Elias has Down Syndrome, it's a part of him that we love. It's a part of Jocelyn, and Taylor, and all of the other families in our play group that we love. I didn't say much, I didn't even explain it well. Part of me felt inadequate while I tried to explain something so important and dear to my soul. I don't know what the two women thought of my explanation, but I hope they saw how important Elias is to our family.

Today wasn't the first time Vitali will ask such an important question. I love that he was satisfied with my simple and vague answer. When I told him it is something Elias has he immediately excepted it. If Elias has it than it must be something cool, he didn't need to know the details. Something that is so difficult for some of us to understand will not need to be understood by Vitali, it's all he knows--he excepts it and he adores it.


© 2014 Natalie Falls