The Sweetest Christmas Card

Today I received a Christmas card. I received a handful of them, but this one brought me to tears. This one made my heart skip a beat. It is my favorite Christmas card. It reminds me of what's important. This time of year it is easy to get caught up in buying things, but do you really pour your heart and soul into the people you are giving to? This little boy is being poured into. Hearts are crushed because they long to hold him. Their tears don't stop because they want him to be a part of their family. They battle anxious thoughts. But above all those intense emotions, hope rises to the top. Hope that his empty bed will soon be filled, and the chair at the dinner table will have his smiling face.

Isaac, you will be home soon to a family that adores you. Your crib will no longer enslave you, but you will breathe fresh air and know what is beyond the white walls that encompass you. Soon you will run with your siblings and laugh with your family. You will be embraced by loving arms and never experience neglect again. Your life is a gift, it is the only gift your family can think about this Christmas.

We find hope in God, he holds your life in his hands. Soon you will know of this hope, very soon. I love you, sweet boy, my heart aches alongside of your mama's. My heart finds hope alongside of your mama's.

With all my love,



© 2014 Natalie Falls