The Privilege To Know And Embrace

I look forward to this day every month. It's a day when we reconnect, watch our kids be care-free, swap babies, and enjoy how our lives have changed in the last few years.

We've all gone through similar struggles and anxieties, and all share similar hopes and dreams. I think we all appreciate life more too. We've all been able to slow down a bit and enjoy details in life.

We don't take as much for granted, but we walk by our babes, and when they reach their long awaited accomplishments we cry and laugh. We wouldn't have it any different. Our lives are unique. We have been given the privilege of knowing and embracing a child that we didn't choose, but we are humbled and honored that they were given to us.

I am blessed to know these families and look forward to welcoming new families that share our sweet commonality.



© 2014 Natalie Falls