The Privilege Of Being A Mother (Christin Shultz)

My sister has always been a protector. She loves and values the people God has put in her life and will always do what she can to care for them. I have learned a lot from Christin, much of who I am as a mom is because of her. Sometimes she gives advice, other times she listens, a lot of times we just laugh. I am so thankful to run the race of motherhood alongside my sister. You will appreciate her words...

My name is Christin Shultz.  I've been married to my sweet "Husbandman" (but you can just call him Josh), for almost 12 years now.  We have been blessed with 5 beautiful children, Ethan (9), Travis (8), Josiah (5), Natalie (3, yes, we named her after her amazing Aunt Lolly), and last but certainly not least (post-vasectomy), Trinity (11mos). I wear a tremendous amount of hats throughout each day, but wouldn't trade one of them, knowing that the Lord has given me the incredible life-long opportunity to learn what serving really means.

I will never forget how overwhelmed I was to be a mother at 22. The nights were long and sleepless.  I remember thinking, "How will I ever be the mother that this precious little boy needs?"  But with each new day, my faithful Father guided me.  I started recognizing my son's different cries.  I knew when he needed to eat and when he needed to sleep.  I was there when he started noticing everything around him.  I knew when he was teething, or sick, and how he liked to lay on my right arm so he could suck his right thumb.  He took his first step...towards me!  I've watched him love tractors, light sabers, and volcanoes.  I loved being his buddy throughout the day.  Josh and I loved him so much, we decided that we wanted more kids...a lot more kids! Four more amazing gifts to grow with, explore with, comfort, and love. As a mother to three boys and two girls, I am excited to see the beginnings of a deep bond of friendship already forming between them all.  One that will last well beyond my years! As a mother, I've learned to never say "never."  Because in my moments of fear and insecurity, I have looked at my children's faces and decided that I want them to know more about life than less. As a mother, I have quickly begun to notice how short my time is with my kids. So, if I don't brush my teeth until the afternoon, or skip showers and not shave my legs for 3 or 4 days (yikes), or decide to leave the dishes in the sink, who cares! At least I have more time to hear what is on their little minds. Maybe have a family dance party and watch them smile and laugh. Or just lay next to them while they sleep. I can honestly say that every moment as a mommy, up to this point, frustrating or joyful, has all been worth the privilege of being my kids mother. Confession: I deliberately hide and eat, by myself, any See's candy that I bought or have been given!


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