The Heart and Soul of a Mother

How can I express my thoughts—thoughts that reach to the deepest part of my soul. The moment Vitali burst into my life (and I do mean burst—this dude was a cannonball), my life was instantly changed. I did not only have myself and Aaron to care for, but now I had an innocent life looking up at me. His eyes were filled with dependence. Right then I knew he needed me for everything. My womanly insticts perked up and I put my game face on. Taking care of him is an honor, and if it means coming to the end of myself, that's okay.  The day Vitali made me a mom was the day I would put his life before my own. This last week ten moms tried to reach deep into their souls and express their love for being a mom. Some of you could relate to them, some of you longed for what they talked about, some of you dream of one day having your own Mother's Day to celebrate, others of you thought about what your moms would say if they were still here. We all have our stories. No one can live the life that's been given to you. We each have our own, this is what makes it so beautiful—you inspire me, I inspire you.

Today is not about me and all that I have accomplished. It's about the one who made me a mother. It's about the one who breathed life into each of us. It's about the God of the universe who created the precious lives that I am honored to love and care for.

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