The Good Life

I judge the day on how many goodies I have waiting for me as soon as I wake up. This morning was a good one. I secretly enjoyed a peanut butter ice cream sandwich dipped in chocolate to get my day going...just the sustenance I needed.  My boys were playing outside, so I seized the opportunity to sink my teeth into one of the most heavenly combinations: peanut butter and chocolate (can I get an "amen!"?). I'm going to share the recipe with you, because I like you.

But wait, it gets better. I remembered that I bought a lovely treat for my iced coffee too. My friend Suzanne tells me about all the new seasonal items that come into my favorite store, Trader Joe's. Well Joe, you've outdone yourself this time and I love you for it. It's a sugar, chocolate, and coffee bean grinder. I'm sure I'll find some wonderful things to put it in. If not...straight into my mouth will do.

The weekend treated us well. Mondays are our chill days. We're pretty good at it. Hope your Monday was all you dreamed it would be...butts up!



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