The Gift Of Being A Mother (Fay Call)

The day I met Fay I knew we would walk through life together. She has been a source of comfort and encouragement to me. She is a woman that desires to grow. She knows she is not perfect--but she is willing to do what it takes to love her babies and guide them down the right path. Fay is a blessing to me, you will enjoy reading her joy of being a mom.

My name is Fay and I am a proud mother of two bright-eyed, happy little kids. I met Natalie at our Down Syndrome support group. I am so happy to have met her as well as so many other moms who all share something very special. I enjoy getting together and watching our little ones grow. Brayden is my wild man and he just turned two. Very rarely will you find him sitting quietly. He likes to keep you on your toes at all times. He plays hard and wants you to join in on all the action. Most days you see him he will probably have some type of scratch, bump, or bruise on his face. Poor guy needs a helmet. Taylor (Tay Tay) is my precious little girl and she turns one in June. She may look sweet, but she can get loud and will let you know when she is in need of something (or just wants attention). She wears the prettiest little smile and is starting to clap and wave! Even though she has very little hair she will almost always have some type of bow or headband in her hair. Luckily she doesn’t mind it too much. My whole life I dreamed of being a mother. I dreamed of being the best mom there ever was and how wonderful it was all going to be. My kids were going to be perfect little angels and life was going to be smooth sailing. Boy was I in for a rude awakening when the time came to have my first child. I swear it looked so easy... How can being a mom be hard? Well, let me tell you! When you become a mother it is not all about you anymore. You have someone else to take care of who depends on you. You have a new life that you need to raise and teach to be a good person. You need to be an example to them, you need to teach them the difference between right and wrong, you need to show them how to love, you need to let them know it is okay to make mistakes but try again, you need to discipline them, you need to teach them forgiveness, you need to teach them how to take care of themselves and all of the things they have, you need to teach them how to be responsible and accountable for their thoughts and actions, you need to teach them how to make friends and how to be a good friend, you need to teach them about God and how to embrace him as a part of their lives for eternity. I could go on forever! So yes, being a mother is hard work and I have learned that it is not as easy as it once looked. It takes lots of love, guidance, listening, strength, and patience. But what I love most is that it is all worth it. I love being able to watch them grow and become independent. I love watching them reach their milestones. I love hearing their laughs and seeing the smiles on their faces. I love that I am their mom and they chose me! Everything I do for my children I do out of love. I know God has blessed me with amazing children and I will do my best to raise them to be the best man and woman they can be. Since becoming a mother I have learned that being a mom is the best calling a woman can ever have. I have learned that things may not be how I would have planned them, but God has a greater purpose and plan. I have learned to enjoy every part of life, the big and small things. I have learned how to be a better person. I have learned to laugh more, love with all I have got, cry deeper, hug more, kiss more passionately, and express my love and joy for my family a little more each day. I have grown closer to God since becoming a mother ("Oh how I need thee, every hour I need thee")! I know that God will give me all the resources I need to be a good mother and accomplish all that He wants me to do. Every day I am thankful for the gift of being a mother and being able to have such sweet spirits. I have so much more to learn and enjoy about being a mother and I look forward to the years to come! Confession: I let my son put on my makeup and I tell him he looks pretty.


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