Take The Time

The last few days I have been basking in down time. The kind of down time when you let your kids climb all over you while they drink juice, and I drink iced tea. The down time that makes you feel present and more in love with the details in life. I love taking the time to hold my boys close—kissing the top of their head while burying my nose in the the fragrance of their hair. Since having children I think I've been told a thousand times (usually by cute old ladies) "Oh, it goes by so fast." Each lady that tells me that has this longing in her eyes to go back to the good 'ol days. They want to breath in the top of their little girl's curls again. They wish they could snuggle with their thirty-year-old son again, after all, he was just two yesterday. Some of my favorite moments in my day are when I notice detail, the detail in their faces that I never want to forget. Each new freckle that finds it's place, the curve of their noses, the shape of their eyes and the length of their eyelashes. I soak it up and I study them. I guess it's my way of being thankful for today. I love today. I love that I can lay in our backyard and feel little hands climb all over me. Today I am taking the time—because when I am old and I am telling a young mom to enjoy every moment, I don't want any regrets. Along with taking the time to notice detail, I am also seeing the reality of time passing by. But it's not so sad. It's rewarding. I am watching Vitali's mind run wild. He talks to me about serious things that don't make any sense (but he wants them to). He wants to have long conversations with his mama, and if he had it his way he would be drinking a latte while doing so. Elias is turning into a toddler overnight. I am amazed at the personality he has. His strong will is in bloom too. Forget taking the time to cry when his toy is taken from him, he lays the death grip on Vitali's hair until he gets that toy back! Today has been good. Nothing big has happened but everything little has. I am sitting here glowing. I think it's because I took the time to notice what's important. There are so many things to be distracted by, feel depressed about, worried, stressed, but they all take away from noticing the beautiful detail in today, detail that might not be there tomorrow.


© 2014 Natalie Falls