Sweetest Addition

I've always wondered who my brothers would marry and what they would be like. I guess I was curious about how they would fit in with our family. In the last few years I have fallen in love with Brother Lee's wife, Nickel (a.k.a Nicole, but we like nicknames).

My brother is out of town and she can't stand it, she loves him and she wants him close. It is a sweet thing to watch your sibling enjoy their spouse especially if they've married into the family.

A few things I love about Nickel:

  • When my brother plays shows, she is always dancing like the song is for her.
  • She works at a bakery and loves making people happy with bread.
  • She likes good food.
  • She is an incredible photographer and creative beyond creative.
  • She likes my brother...a lot.
  • One more: she wears a skateboard helmet when she rides her bike, this one is my newest favorite thing about her.

She has been the sweetest addition to our family. Life is always better with a little Nickel in it.


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