Sweet Escape

Life has been busy for our family. We've had a lot of adjustments in the past few months and we are finally catching our breath. Summer has been packed with parties and BBQ's, but not much "just us time". So we did it, we headed out for a sweet escape--just us.

Fourty-five minutes from our home town we pulled into a familiar place. A place where I loved walking with my best friend. It was the place I had my first kiss, right by lifeguard tower number fourteen. Many bonfires, ocean swims, and flirtatious outings have its mark on this quaint beach. It is so fun to bring our boys to a spot that continues to grow fond in our minds. Watching them make their own memories is fascinating. Everything is new to them; the moist salty hair, soaring a kite through the open sky, the big sailboats gliding across the blue sea, ice cream cones that compliment a salty ocean spray--they're living and I'm soaking it in, adding to my memories.

(This is how passionate Elias is about ice-cream...)                         

Today I feel refreshed, more thankful, more present--sweet escapes will do that.



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