She Doesn't See What I See

The other day I was on the phone with a woman who was very concerned for Elias. Not for who he is as a person, but how we can make him better—a little "less Downs". She doesn't see what I see. She will never understand what I understand. Not because she can't, but because she doesn't want to. Later that night we went to the pet store to buy fish food. The girl checking us out left me with a sweet thought: "If we could all be like children a little longer, it would be all good". She was admiring Vitali's volcano suit and how confidently he wore it in public. She said she wished she could enjoy life a little more without wondering what people would think of her. Little did she know that the baby I was holding would get to live her dream. I can't stop thinking about these two women and their opposite perspectives on life. The first woman valued appearance and comfort. The second wanted to embrace life and enjoy uniqueness. Every day I am reminded that this is my life. This little boy (and all he will do in life) is constantly on my mind. When someone looks down on what they think is imperfect, I hold my son, cry a little, and then I tell him that he is exactly how God wants him to be. God didn't give me Elias to hide and be quiet. He gave me his little life to enjoy being child-like a little longer, to love more, and to challenge people's idea of "perfect" a little more. If Elias wants to dress up as a superhero when he's twenty, I will walk through that store with him and I will be proud. In that moment, I will be thankful Elias has taught me that God has made us all unique, and that I should love others. Even if they are different. Even if it makes me feel a little uncomfortable.


© 2014 Natalie Falls