Reaching Out To Isaac

I am honored to have you listen to my friend Jaime. She is a woman of faith and virtue. She loves God and she would lay down her life for a child in need...

I found a lost child once. Well, she found me actually; at the San Diego Zoo. She tugged on my shirt and asked me to help her find her mommy, and the whole world stopped.

"Of course, Princess. I will find your mommy"

It didn't matter that we were on our way to see the tigers. It didn't matter that helping her was not in my agenda. She was lost. She was scared. She needed her mommy and I, of course, could help.  And as a mother of my own children, I wouldn't dream of doing anything else. She slipped her hand in mine trusting me completely. And believe me when I say, that even if the tigers had broken free from their cages, I was going to keep her safe! We didn't get very far before we saw her mother a ways off, frantic with fear. When her child went running to her, her mother bursted; "I've always told her that if she is ever lost, to find another mommy to help her." A mother's love is powerful and trustworthy. Even if she couldn't be there to protect her child, this mother knew another mother would be faithful to her child in a time of distress.

A few months ago, I was just going about my day. Drinking a cup of coffee, checking my facebook, expecting nothing out of the ordinary.

I saw Isaac's face, the face of a child who had lost his mommy.

The whole world stopped.

Suddenly, scrolling past his face on my news feed would have been the equivalent to walking away from him lost and alone at the San Deigo zoo. I couldn't do it.

The horror...his mommy was not looking for him. For whatever terrible reason had befallen them, she had consented to be his mother no more.  My heart broke. Like every child, he still needed a mommy. I wondered if perhaps she was somehow praying and wishing and hoping another mommy might somehow reach out to him in his time of distress.

I began to ask questions and learn about his situation. I learned to be born with Down syndrome in his country meant almost certain abandonment at birth. My heart broke for these countries, their mothers, their precious children and most especially for Isaac. Oh how I wished he were as close to me as my computer screen, I know I would have put my arms around him in an instant. I showed his picture to my husband when he came home, we knew it was in our hearts to respond to his need. We just weren't sure how.

At first we thought we might just pray until he finds an adoptive family. So we prayed. Then we thought we might just donate to his account until he finds an adoptive family. So we donated. Then we admitted to each other what our minds and hearts were asking, what if we are to be his adoptive family. So we thought and talked and prayed and pretty soon he was all we were thinking, talking and praying about! We attempted to temporarily set the matter aside...but we couldn't honestly do it.

So we just pressed in further and we fasted and tried to seek God with open hearts. We wrested with thoughts and questions. We examined our life, dreams and purpose. And when we finally came to the decision to adopt Isaac, it was like finally resting in the place we thought we were meant to be all along. Our journey to learn more about Down Syndrome began from the moment we saw his sweet face and has continued since. We have met new friends and have been blessed to see in abundance the incredible gift children with Down syndrome truly are. What an honor to be one day soon bring Isaac home as our son. We long to finally hold him close to cherish him and remind him every day just how beautiful and important he truly is.

Has that ever happened to you? You look at someone's face and you think, "I know I have met you before, but I just can't remember when or where." That's exactly what it felt like. It's taken me these past months to solve that mystery.


I want to give you the opportunity to be a part of bringing Isaac home! When you donate $25 dollars or more I will send you a handmade hair accessory of your choice (send me a note to let me know which one you'd like). All profits will go to Davis, Seregey, and Isaac, so that they might be cradled in their mamas arms that much sooner.




© 2014 Natalie Falls