Peace and War

The morning started off mellow, peaceful, just how I order my Mondays. I played with my boys, reflected on the weekend, and enjoyed my coffee while I went through pictures of our Father's Day...

After enjoying my time looking at pictures, my Monday took a turn for the worse! Two furry varmints took the liberty to make themselves at home in my backyard. Not just any part of my backyard, my boy's toy wagon. There's one thing that really makes me mad, being startled. Just as I was about to dump the wagon full of apples, a rat jumped out! Of course, I did what any good girl would--I screamed, threw my hands in the air and looked like an idiot. You have to understand, I have a past with rats and I'm still recovering from PTSD. When my husband and I lived in Michigan we were living in an old house, the kind with lots of holes in it. It was great in the spring, but come winter all the critters wanted to cozy-up with us. One night when we came home from dinner, Aaron opened the bathroom door and started freaking out, "Oh my gosh!" He saw a big rat dive down into our toilet. I was so grossed out, I couldn't use the bathroom again with out being completely paranoid. What made matters worse was that it happened at least five other times. We called them "The Divers".


Because of that sick story I have a deep disgust for rats. I feel as though it is my mission to destroy the rats that steal my apples and slumber in my boys' wagon. I'm gathering my weapons...and I'm waiting for the oportune moment. On that note...Hope your Monday was delightful and rat-free!



© 2014 Natalie Falls