Orange Blossoms & Tangerine Skies

The day begins with rolling out of bed. My unkempt red bedhead looks like I walked out of Wild Things. I whine about how tired I am, and jokingly ask my two-year-old why he hasn't made my coffee yet (he always replies with, "I want some coffee!"). I scramble to get breakfast while my two chirping birds act as if they haven't eaten for days.

Me: "Vitali, do you want eggs or cereal?" Vitali: "I just want a snack." Elias: "Naa naa naa" (this means he wants a banana)

We eat, we kiss, we drink...we're off!

Aaron heads to work and we tackle the next adventure (oh yes, Costco is an adventure!) It has come to the point that if I don't run my son (like you run a horse) then we all go a little crazy! It has become a necessity to our daily routine. The days have been long. Mornings have been sweet with the fragrance of orange blossoms from our neighbors' trees. Midday welcomes picnics. And the nights bring on frolicking until the sky turns tangerine. These days take a lot of energy! I try to stay awake and look alive. I am energized when I encounter new places, good food, or sweet friends...or all of them at once! When midday rolls around, we rest and refuel. Usually with a little quiet time and a "nap in a cup" I am ready for round two. I gotta be—these boys are ready for life! Their little minds are hungry and I need to feed them. When daddy comes home a new excitement enters our home. Aaron walks through the door and Elias immediately begins laughing, he can't help it, he is stoked on his dad! Vitali turns into a bear and insists that Aaron becomes a bear too. Meanwhile, I'm in the kitchen finishing up dinner and laughing to myself about all the little conversations V is having with Aaron...

Aaron: "How was your day, bud?" Vitali: "It's good, I just do stuff. Why are people running?" Aaron: "They're running to get coffee." Vitali: "They're running to get a mocha?"

I love our family time. We protect it and try to have as much of it as possible. These days are precious and I don't want to miss out on them. I feel blessed to be at home with my boys. I'm not perfect, and my house looks like children live in it, but it is good. Good because we are living for what's important. I'm not out to prove anything: toys can stay on the floor, laundry unfolded, simple pasta dinners, all in exchange for time with my beloved husband and precious boys. The duties of life will always be around, my little ones are only little for a time.


© 2014 Natalie Falls