My Love Today

I have moments that bring me back. Those moments that define what my life is today. My soul and heart ache with the remembrance of the difficult unknown, and yet in all of this, my soul is filled with the deepest love for what I have come to know. I never knew that I could love the way I love today.

How beautiful the unknown has become. It's beauty and elegance are new every day.

Like the beginning of a challenging adventure;  your nerves shake, your thoughts are consumed, you can't sleep. Then the adventure begins. Slowly you adapt to your surroundings and you notice the life around you--everything is new. Your thoughts have changed. You see life differently. You don't want to go back.

Life can be unsettling at times. Unsettling, so that my trust and dependence cannot be in me. I trust in the one who holds life in His hands. I consider myself to be fortunate, blessed, and honored.

Every night I cradle Elias and pray with him, "God, help me to nurture him in the best way, help me to know what he needs, and make Aaron and I the best parents for him".



© 2014 Natalie Falls