Mother Warrior

Elias scurries across the kitchen floor. He sees his next victim, and he is ready to devour. With passion and delight in his eyes he hurries to the forbidden. His crawl becomes more rapid as he approaches—he is fearful of someone three times his size swiping his his prized posession. I hear his hands slapping across the floor, I turn and run to intercept...but he is too fast! Meanwhile, Vitali is in the other room doing exactly what I told him not to do. Fluorescent orange play dough (a.k.a. "lava") is soaring through the air and landing with a wonderful explosion sound. As I watch, I see little flakes of lava fly through the air and cover the ground. I'm not the only one who notices the thin layer of lava. Elias is on it. He sets out for his next mission, slapping, scurrying, swiping.

I move as fast as possible, but it is too late. I take a deep breath and go for it. My slight squeal turns into a loud scream. Elias' eyes grow wider as his teeth clench harder. Eventually, I manage to get the play dough out of his razor teeth, but it's not without blood, sweat, and tears. The worst part is that while I sit wounded, staring at my mangled finger, Elias ventures off to find his next morsel of lava dough. I'm convinced he doesn't really care for the taste of the salty dough (he enjoys my reaction and getting a good scream out of his mother). He's made up the rules and it's become pretty clear that I'm not going to win. But I keep fighting, I will not give up! My hands have the marks of a mother warrior... On that note...anybody want a homemade play dough recipe?!


© 2014 Natalie Falls