Mother (Becca Huth)

The first day I met Becca I fell in love with her sweet friendship. I have a bond with Becca that is so deep. We have shared many tears, frustration, and laughter together. It is not by chance that I now call Becca my dear friend—but I thank God for bringing us together through our sweet Elias and Jocelyn.

It is an honor to share a little blog space with someone who I so often look to for motherly support. I remember the first time I met Natalie. We were both nervous moms searching for something, we didn't know what. What we found was a strong bond. A bond that our precious babies created with that extra little chromosome. A bond that brought mommies together that needed each other. I am a mother to two beautiful girls. I am married to my best friend and high school sweetheart. I am excited to give you a little peek at my life as a mom. Abigail Claire is my fiesty 3 year old. She is the baby who taught me what it means to be a mother. She was born during the first snow storm of the year in a quiet Colorado mountain town. I love Abby's inquisitive nature. She is a smart little girl that wants to know the "why?" to everything. I love that Abby has taught me to stop and let her enjoy simple moments and to be silly . I love Abby's endless amounts of energy. She wakes early, rising ready to start the day. She plays hard until her head hits the pillow each night. I love Abby's growing vocabulary and how she has created words of her own, like "lasterday" (any day in the past). I love watching Abby shadow her daddy in caring for the sick animals in the veterinary hospital. Abby will always be my baby girl. My sweet Jocelyn Rose has made me the mother I never thought I could be. She surprised us all, arriving in our home into the loving hands of her daddy. I love that from the moment she was born she taught me that perfect isn't what you always dreamed it would be. She reminds me everyday to cherish each moment with her and Abby. I love Jocelyn's determination. I love that she has taught me not to miss the small things and to celebrate each milestone. I love that she has made me stronger and also more vulnerable.  I love that Jocelyn has pulled our family even closer together. Being a mom is better than I could have ever dreamed. I look forward to all that my girls will teach me. Confession: A horse pen at the veterinary hospital makes an excellent playpen...complete with sand!


Thanks Becca! And don't forget, I'm giving away a handmade "coffee cozy" to two random commenters between now and Mother's Day!



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