How do you express the anticipation of seeing life for the first time? How do you grasp the overwhelming emotions you feel when you first lay eyes on the child you waited nine months to see? How do you explain the excitement in your heart when you see your baby on the ultrasound screen, and its heart is beating? Life is fascinating. I don't like to downplay life. I want to celebrate it. I will cry and mourn when I lose a life, and I will sing and dance when I am surrounded by life. It's good to be vulnerable and express how we feel in all of these circumstances. There is a freedom when we can let others know what we think about life. Loving life is contagious, it makes those around you more passionate about what's important.

Today I saw my little one and I celebrated. My baby is excited about life too, and it's only an inch long!

(I am 10 weeks and my due date is July 10th)


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