It's Official

I am officially a "dork mom". It became official at the zoo. Other moms were there too but they weren't quite as...well, let's just say expressive as I was. Here's what officially qualifies me as a dork mom; I state the obvious, it sounds something like this...oh Vitali look at the giraffe's long neck, he's eating, look he's pooping. I create a have to go see the hippos, the mommy and baby are pressed up against the glass, it will make your day (meanwhile my mother-in-law is waiting for the crowd to leave so she could get a decent picture, oops).

Hopefully I could point out the things that others didn't notice.

And hopefully they felt like their day at the zoo was worth their money.

Hopefully they enjoyed seeing a polar bear poop, it was new for me (sorry I didn't get a picture for you, it all happened so fast, I know you're bummed).

When my kids are out of the house I'm going to be a zoo tour guide. Ladies and gentlemen if you would please look to your right you will notice a ten foot tall polar bear taking a ginormous poop. And to the left we have the giraffes, aren't their necks long?

Meanwhile, I do private tours. Just look me up!


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