I Smell Memories

I have this thing with smelling stuff. It started when I was young. I watched my dad, my aunt, and my grandma smell everything. Whether it be a new shirt, a leather purse, or the herbs that would go into our fresh spaghetti sauce—it all needed a little sniff before it could have its mark of approval. Somewhere between my childhood and adulthood I learned the wonderful quality of smelling everything. In the last week different scents have filled my nose with the fragrant aromas of childhood memories. Summer is here and I am loving watching my boys experience the same things I enjoyed when I was little. Wednesday morning farmer's market blessed us with the fragrance of fresh fruits and vegetables (pretty sure the farmers were annoyed with me sticking my schnozzola in their produce). Thursday, I walked my sunscreened babies through the zoo. Friday, we joined our sweet friends for a splash in the park. And everywhere in between we are embracing the aromas of BBQs, watermelon, sleep-overs, picnics, wearing a little less (see picture of Vitali), the beach, and warm summer nights.

I feel the challenge and desire to impress a summer of fragrance in my babes' minds. They have so much to experience and enjoy, Their minds are impressionable. And their little noses...well, they are begging to breathe in all the adventures a three-year-old and nineteen-month-old can take in. Here's to you and a fragrant summer!


© 2014 Natalie Falls