I Don't Have To Understand

I don't have to understand, I'm just along for the ride. One moment my boy is running down the street in his underwear for all the neighbor's entertainment. The next he is giving his brother mud pies to sample. I know I'm a successful mom of boys when shoes are frowned upon...any clothing at that! Forget accessorizing, the less clothing the more fun they're having.

I always thought it was weird when we were in the car and my brothers would grab the nearest water bottle to relieve their bladders. They were always so proud of themselves exclaiming, "look mom lemonade!" Today was a proud moment in my three-year-old's life. It was like I was helping him take one step closer to manhood. I helped V take his first pee into a water bottle. The first words out of my mouth were "Look Vitali, lemonade!" He looked at me like I was weird, then he smiled. I'm sure he thought I invented the coolest trick on earth (I'll take the credit).

I don't have to understand all the things my boys will do...but I do have to enjoy the ride. Today I have naked, sticky popsicle babies with traces of mud pie crumbs running around my backyard. Life is good.

Have a wonderful weekend! And remember, you don't have to understand.


© 2014 Natalie Falls