Hello Weekend!

The day we had been waiting for had arrived. With eager expectation Aaron tracked the UPS package. Finally I received his text: "It's here!" We peeked our heads out windows and opened the door to see the car roll into our driveway. And soon enough... "Daddy's here, go see what he has, Vitali!" Aaron has been saving for this hot guitar for the last year and I welcome it into our home! "Hello sweet Tele, make yourself at home. Feel free to serenade me while I drink my coffee." Let the jam session begin! The rest of the weekend we laid low. We had plans to go to my brother's bike race but we canceled those and tried to get rid of our fast-approaching colds. Vitali helped me experiment with some new tea that I bought at a health food store. We mixed rose buds, camomile, and green tea, and Vitali stirred it up like a mad scientist. Laying low would have to include lounging in the sun, right? We found a random tub that we used for a pool (our old one popped) and we enjoyed a mellow Saturday as a family. And then the tack showed up... not just any tack, a rusty tack. I don't know where it came from but I managed to step on it! Immediately I had a vision of me at the doctor's office getting a tetanus shot. And then I thought, "Is tetanus really that bad, or can I chance it?" I went to my friend, Google, and found out all kinds of weird things that I would rather not deal with. I've labored naturally with two kids, you think I wouldn't be freaked out about a stupid shot! (As I'm writing this, Aaron is making fun of me getting lockjaw). Bummer way to end the weekend, but too much good to let an old tack get in the way...I guess I'll worry about that another day.

Right now I could stare into these precious eyes until I fall asleep. Hope your weekend was restful and that you didn't step on any rusty tacks. Wishing you a happy Monday!


© 2014 Natalie Falls