Goodbye October

Goodbye October, you were good to us. A lot happened in your sweet thirty-one days. I have learned many new things and become more passionate...but I'm not done with you yet. I know you carry the sweet title of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, but there is still more to be said. Elias and Jocelyn with their swim teacher Karen. Karen is an advocate for people with DS.


Do you remember Casey? My friend Brenna works at a surf shop and ran into this little dude and his brother. She was so stoked!


I wanted to give you another opportunity to help bring these boys home! When you donate $25 dollars or more I will send you a handmade hair accessory of your choice (send me a note to let me know which one you'd like). All profits will go to Sergey, Davis, and Isaac, so that they might be cradled in their mamas' arms that much sooner.


Hope you are having a wonderful Fall!



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