Good Intentions

Last night I had good intentions of writing about how the last few days have gone. Before I new it my  intentions got lost underneath my heavy eyelids. After a long day, I laid down with Vitali and fell asleep before he did (I think I fell asleep while singing a song). We have been busy. Downsizing can be pretty tricky but I'm hoping by this weekend everything will find its place. Yesterday my mom watched the boys and I got to escape with my sis and Brenna. I feel so blessed to have women like them in my life, not just because they help me clean and they make me laugh, but because they truly are good company. They are those few gems you find in life that you can bear your soul with. I am so fortunate.

So we cleaned, and I couldn't have done it without them. I gave them the best payment possible--coffee and In n Out...they were happy.

Not much of a setup yet, but I'll keep you posted!

Vitali and Elias have been a big help. They've kept me entertained and Vitali has made some wonderful dinners (his mud pies are to die for!).


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