Full Heart

You don't always know what you have until you go through a difficult time. I have family and friends and beautiful people I've never met before listening and speaking love into my life. Life is lonely when we try to handle it alone. We are not meant to be alone; we share, we listen, we bear our burdens. We need each other. I have learned so much from other people, they have helped shape who I am today. It's not easy being vulnerable. Sometimes I wonder, "Should I have shared that?" Or, "Was that too much information?" But it's not, and I grow closer to that person because of it. Hugs have been a little tighter this week. Phone calls have been more meaningful. Emails and letters have been purposeful and delicately written. My heart is full and I feel so cared for.

This last week I took the boys to the beach with my dear friend and we met up with family. The ocean has a beautiful way of reminding me of how small I am in this big world. It also reminds me of how much my heavenly Father cares for me. The same strength that created the ocean comforts and carries me through this difficult time. Along with the ocean's beauty, I have been watching my boys differently this week, their lives have become more precious to me.

I just want to say thank you to all of you who have been praying for us, writing sweet words of encouragement, and hugging me a little tighter.


© 2014 Natalie Falls