Fresh Air

Sickness came knocking at our door last week. I looked through the peephole and said "No thanks, we don't want any!" But she barged in anyway and made herself at home. After one too many movies and a little too much lounging around the house, I had it! So I sent her on her way... after all, the weekend was coming and we needed some fresh air.

First stop: A cup of joe! Our favorite coffee shop was hoppin'—the line was backed up to the door and everyone was having a good time. (I thought we were going to break out into a musical...I guess good coffee has its way of making people feel friendly).

After enjoying a cup of goodness, we were on our way. The market was calling...the strumming of young musicians trying to make a buck, kettle corn popping, and proud farmers telling stories about their lively produce (as if it were their babies). The fragrance of fresh citrus and the vibrant ruby red strawberries were pleading, "Buy me! Make a pie out of me!"  I love how our farmer's market inspires me.

I was not just inspired to make a pie, but also inspired to expose my kids to life and all the wonderful things in it. We talked about the colors and smells and "mmm'd" our way through each sample.

As soon as we came home I made the pie that I was craving. Lemon zest filled our home and soft white peaks poked their little heads up to look out the window. Sickness had left our home, it was the start of a new week!

(Meringue Pie recipe)

Later that night, after half the meringue peaks were eaten, Vitali presented the pie to his Papa for his birthday.

Then the real party began when we were entertained with a light show. Vitali throws a killer party!

It's always bitter-sweet when the weekend is over. But we made some great memories and we are ready to start fresh... with new adventures awaiting!

Hope you had a great weekend and had some time to kick your feet up.


© 2014 Natalie Falls