For A Lifetime

I asked you guys to send me questions that you wanted to know about Elias and Down Syndrome. Here's the first one... So will you have to take care of him the rest of your life, or will he be able to function on his own once he becomes an adult?

I have so many thoughts and feelings that rise in my mind and make my heart swell with love for my son. One of the first things I became excited about after finding out Elias had Down Syndrome, was how honored I was that I could care for my son as much as he would need me to. I am living every mothers dream--my son will always be close.

I am all for healthy independence. In fact, I spend time every day (like most parents do) to help Elias become as independent as possible. Elias will be able to function in many ways on his own. He will be able to cook for himself (not just Top Ramen, I'm talkin' Shrimp Scampi baby!), have a job, go to school, marry, and much more.

There are many adults with Down Syndrome today that live independent lives. Our society is moving in a great direction to help integrate people with Down Syndrome so that they might reach their goals and full potential.

God gave me Elias to care for him and love him. If he marries or goes off to school he will always be on my mind. If he lives down the hall or in the house down the street with his friends I will always care for him and check in on him if he needs it. When he grows old and needs care, it will be me, he is my gift and I am honored to care for him as much as he needs.

I get excited thinking of all the things I will experience with Elias. I have learned so much from him, it amazes me to think of all the adventures I will have with him as we walk a beautiful life together.

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