Feed The Fire!

...the fiery redhead, that is. Vitali is my entertainment these days and he keeps me on my toes like you wouldn't believe!

A few Vitali sayings:

  • "Just relax mommy." He says this when I'm worried he's going to hurt himself.
  • "It's a dolphin!" This was after he saw his poop in the toilet. Quite the imagination.
  • "Have no fear, mommy." Apparently, I'm supposed to trust a 2 1/2 year old holding sharp nails.

So how do I keep up with this fireball?... I'm not quite sure... so I fan the flame!

I help him find the snails... We do spiderman impersonations (I'm spiderwoman, of course)... I take pictures of his "creativity"... I encourage Elias to learn from his brother... I make totally dorky bows and arrows! He is intense and passionate and that is good... We will be alongside him to remind him of what is important. We will guide his passion, and become more passionate because of him.


© 2014 Natalie Falls