I've known Becca for over a year now. I am blessed to be a part of her life and thankful to be a part of her family.

This is our family...

and this is our family too…

and this is our family too…

Our family has grown and what excites me is our family will continue to grow. More angels will be born and we will welcome them and all those who love them with open arms. This is a journey that I am learning you can not walk alone. It takes a family to raise these gifts.

In the last 22 months I love what our family has become. I love that in a short 22 months Jocelyn has brought our family closer together, reminding us what is really important. I love the sister that Abby has become and the sister that I know she will grow into, learning lessons far beyond her years. I love the father that Chris is to his daughters. Two little girls constantly reminding him to laugh even after a long days work. I love the mother that I am becoming, learning lessons that a mother can not read about in books. I love that I feel closer to my sister now than ever before even though she is on the other side of the world. I love watching grandparents bond over two little girls that they deeply adore. I love being surrounded by friends that make sure we know that they are beside us as we take this journey. I love the amazing new people I have met and the comfort I feel when I am with them.

I have grown, our family has grown and our hearts have grown, all because of a sweet little girl that we never dreamt would be ours.

Sweet Jocelyn Rose, you really are a gift!


© 2014 Natalie Falls