Extended Weekend

Our weekend was full of morning waffles, afternoon bonding, and familiar bed time stories. Before pouring batter into the waffle maker I carefully pried away at the remaining play dough from Vitali's last make-believe breakfast. Then we moved on to the real deal; waffles sprinkled with blueberries and bananas drizzled with hot syrup, now that's just asking for childhood memories. Weekends are for making memories and I think we did a good job.

I am in love with watching my boys bond. Elias thinks Vitali is hilarious and Vitali feels pretty good about making his little brother crack up. My boys were meant for each other  and I am overwhelmed while watching their love, it's beautiful.

Along with brother bonding, we managed to find some bonding with our guys as well, how sweet these moments are.

One of the highlights of our weekend was coming across one of Aaron's favorite books when he was little. He couldn't wait to buy it and take it home to read to Vitali. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, Vitali can't get enough of this book. It feeds his hungry imagination and inspires random and very entertaining conversation. He will sit still (this doesn't happen too often) with his eyes slightly squinted and study the intricate illustrations. Aaron is very proud that he and Vitali share a common childhood favorite.

Monday rolled around all too quickly, so... I decided to ditch Monday and have an extended weekend...just because we can. Actually I felt guilty and told Aaron that I should stay home and conquer my mountain of laundry, he replied with a rebellious "just go, have fun!" The "just go" gave me a freedom to enjoy my day with the boys and not worry about the distant calling of my laundry--wash me!

It was a successful extended weekend. I let my sand crabs go free and explore one of their favorite places, the beach. Vitali "surfed" and had his first wipe out and Elias shoveled handfuls of sand in his mouth (I tried to make him stop, but the closer I would come the faster he shoved it in his mouth, it reminded me of his play dough swiping!).

I am determined to extend my summer as well. The plan is to fit as many beach trips in as possible before fall arrives, we'll see how I do...we'll see how my laundry does!

We learned our lesson with sharing Ice cream with Elias...Don't! 

When I glanced back at my sleeping sand crabs I felt as though I did exactly what I should have done with my Monday. Vitali's sandy eyebrows and sand filled ear (from his wipe out) was proof of a sweet memory-making day, and I'm all for that.


© 2014 Natalie Falls