Double Wammy...and then some

My Thanksgiving began with an early bird, the kind that is too loud to ignore. I swooped my chirping bird out of bed and finished up where I left off...Ah yes...the pineapple upside down cake. It's one of those desserts that makes your insides feel loved and pairs beautifully with your coffee. Pineapple upside down cake recipe here!


The day went on with sideaches and sore cheeks. Can you blame me?

I was fascinated with the weird body contortions we were capable of.

I'm looking forward to rematches on Christmas.

After a sweet time with my family and the golden brown twenty-four-pounder...

...we frolicked off to find another turkey to mingle with.

Our day was sweet and much-needed. Holiday or not, I love the excuse to hang out with family and enjoy what I've been given.

So that was the double wammy, here's a little and then some...

Aaron had a long weekend, and California gave us a warm holiday. We hit a jackpot of adventures. 

We ventured out to our nearby hills and enjoyed watching Vitali build volcanos in the middle of the trails. We would then wait for the next stranger who stepped on it and watch Vitali passionately explain to them that they stepped in burning lava and ruined his volcano. It was an entertaining day. I loved being with my guys.

The next day we managed to find more volcano territory, but this time no one stepped in the burning lava.

It was a double wammy and then some kinda week. And now we are asking for more. More family time and yes...more pineapple upside down cake.



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