Double Date

Last night we indulged in good food, deep conversation, and much needed laughter—oh, and really good gelato too. You know you had a good date night when that's all you dream about the next day. Today I found myself laughing out loud at random moments. Good friends are a necessity in life. Last night I was reminded of how much I need them. Funny story...While the guys were drooling in the Apple store, Neena and I hit up Williams-Sonoma. We talked about all the things we wanted in our kitchen but not really-more of a pretend want (like the ceramic creamer container shaped like a cow). We met up with our guys midway through the store. After thirty minutes of "Can I help you?" and "No, just looking," we saw an espresso machine that would pour a single shot as a sample. There were no sample cups nearby, so we found our own. The four of us were crowded around the machine like a bunch of guilty pre-teens.

"You do it!"..."No, you do it!"..."Okay, I'll do it..."

By the time I slipped the coffee pod in and anticipated a shot of silky espresso, Ms. Sonoma yelled from across the room (in a slightly annoyed tone): "Can I help you?" She couldn't move fast enough to intercept us. She removed the pod and showed us the right way to make Sonoma-style espresso. And then the spiel–a twenty minute spiel! Little did they know we were broke and all we wanted was a sample, not the whole freakin' machine! We were all laughing at each other while we took turns trying to look like we were going to buy the espresso machine. Thanks Ms. Sonoma, from this day on I will walk into your store with a great memory and laughter under my breath.

Good times!


© 2014 Natalie Falls