Did You Know He Had Down Syndrome?

Did you know he had Down Syndrome when you were pregnant or did you wait until he was born to find out? I did not know Elias had Down Syndrome while I was pregnant. I declined testing with Vitali and I declined it with Elias as well. The only thing I wanted to know about Elias was whether he was a boy or girl and if he was healthy. Obviously we got ourselves the cutest little hunk around and he was born healthy and happy.

Some people have asked me if I regret not knowing that Elias had Down Syndrome before he was born. They wanted to know if I could have been better prepared for such a drastic life change. I do not regret not knowing. Now that I look back I am thrilled with all the little surprises that have come with Elias' life.

By surprises I mean unexpected turns and shifts in life that have given me joy. I was given a surprise when I least expected it--his life is the greatest surprise I will have while living on this earth.

If you ever have the opportunity to carry such a wonderful surprise, you will not regret your decision. Consider yourself a blessed woman.


© 2014 Natalie Falls