A Dangerously Explosive Weekend!

In the last few months we've been painting, sculpting, and creating. The "big 3" was fast approaching and we wanted to make it memorable.

I love parties, especially if they're celebrating life. This last weekend we celebrated life, and what better way to celebrate than with a volcano party.

Friends and family gathered and we lived dangerously--because living dangerously makes you feel alive.

"The thing-with-candy-that-explodes, (in V's words) was Vitali's favorite part of the party. I made it a little too sturdy, so my nephew had to step in and show the little guys what was up, Vitali admires him more because of it.

Birthday parties are a mark of a new year. They are a time to reflect and a time for new dreams and goals. I've learned a lot from my two-year-old; I've become more patient (or realized how impatient I am), I've become more adventurous and I've enjoyed life more because of Vitali. I am curious for the things I will learn from my three-year-old, I have a feeling it's gonna be good.

We had such a fun day. I think I have the Monday blues coming off of such an explosive weekend.


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