Contagious Love

Tonight I was reminded of the depth of my love for my sons. When driving home from my parents' I looked in my rear view mirror and saw Elias. He was ecstatic and filled with joy. The warm summer night breeze was blowing in his face and he couldn't help but crack up. I noticed Vitali watching his little brother; he was enjoying the breeze too, but he took more delight in watching his brother love life. When my boys are loving life I am loving it right alongside them, it just looks a little different. There's something about watching someone else find joy in what they've been given--it's contagious. Elias' laughter in the car tonight made me pause and soak up that simple and beautiful life-loving moment. Prior to that sweet moment in the car, we have been getting a taste of life with the cousins. All I can say is that this is going to be a life shaping year. I look forward to future family dinners when we reminisce about our year with the cousins. The stories will be great.


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