Confessions (And Giveaway)

#1...I get desperate to entertain my kids while grocery shopping. #2...I don't get out much, but when I do, things like this happen.

#3...Sometimes I like when Vitali tapes his mouth shut.

#4...I have issues with leaving the stove on. Sometimes it gets a little ugly.

#5 I let my son paint his toenails. I even tell him that he does a great job.

Tomorrow through Mother's Day I will be featuring moms I adore and admire. I have met them in different stages of life, and all have had an impact on me. Some live down the street, a few are a long car ride away, and others would take an airplane to get to. I'll also be giving a handmade coffee sleeve to two random commenters between tomorrow and Mother's Day. Enjoy!




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