#1...I don't just kill flies, I yell at them and say things like, Your going down fly! And when he does go down, I pull my arm into my side with a hissing Yessss! I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a crazy lady. I've gotten so good at the sport of swating flies I decided to take it up a level. It's actually quite fun. I run after the fly and try and swat it in mid air, Vitali usually runs after me with great excitement asking for a try. Of course I never let him try, he might mess up my game. #2...Some mornings I am desperate for ten more minutes of sleep. It just so happens that it takes ten minutes to enjoy a lollypop. Yes, I confess, I told Vitali to go get a lollipop at six in the morning just so I could have ten more minutes of sleep.

#3...I've been known to drink out of my boy's sippy cups when we're out of the house. Can you blame me? It's been hotter than blazes and sometimes I forget to bring my own water.

#4...I used to wear spandex...above my belly button! I also couldn't wait for my sister to give me her cool checkered skirt with the suspenders.                                    

#5...Aaron and I used to be really weird. I've toned it down a bit...just a bit.

Hope your weekend is filled with water, sun, sand, and smooches...



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