Cigarettes and Baby Dolls

You'd think I was a smoker the way Vitali talks about cigarettes. I say things like: "Gross! Put that down, that's been in someone's mouth." "Cigarettes are bad for you."

Vitali says things like: "Look mommy, a cigarette!" "They're cigarettes, they help me feel better." "They're just pretend mommy, it's not in someones mouth." Half the things Vitali says leave me confused and astonished at the same time. I try to express to him why certain things are dangerous, and he takes that conversation and runs with it! He comes up with stories and scenarios about the things he can't touch. And just because he can't touch something doesn't stop him—he will find something else to play the part.

He doesn't play with toys, in case you were wondering. Here are a few of Vitali's favorite things around the house:

Scissors (he has his own, but they're little and not very sharp) Daddy's electric razor Bugs (of course) Fire I'll be honest: my kid can stress me out. But I can't get enough of his mind. He is ready to explore. I'm pretty sure he's on a mission, I just haven't been told what that mission is yet! Elias gives me a little break. His new favorite toy is a baby doll with eyelashes. I bought it for him because he loves touching people's eyelashes. It is amazing to me that two boys from the same parents can be so different. But at the same time, they complement each other so well. I love finding the things that make my boys tick, because when I do it gives me a little glimpse of how beautiful God made their minds.


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