Capturing Life

I'm excited to begin my first series on photography today. If you enjoy life then you will be interested in reading what my sweet sister-in-law has to say. She is my photo-capturing-guru, and I thought you would like to get to know her better. The purpose of this series is to inspire you to capture the moments you wish you could remember forever. Please ask her a lot of questions, she can't wait to answer them.

Photography has opened a lot of doors for me, led me behind the scenes (people will trust anyone with a big camera and a smile), and helped me snag my husband (“I’m Nicole, I’m a photographer, I NEED to take your photo”)- talk about being inspired!

Photos allow me to articulate what I can’t through words- emotion, expression, and environment. Timing allows me to capture it and composition makes it look good.

Natalie is letting me share a bit with you on the value of photography and the basic skills to capture life in your home.

I’m currently working on one of my favorite projects- my sister scanned slides from my great grandfather, grandfather, and our parents. It’s an assorted collection and the history captured is amazing. I get to see my mom (the oldest of 7) grow up and watch my aunts and uncles come in one by one. More and more kids equals more blinks, silly faces, and more unreal moments. I’m happy to have the opportunity to bring these slides back to life.

The pictures you take now are not going to last for just a few years, but for generations. One day your child will be married, and their spouse will cherish these images of their loved one when they were just itty bitty.

Here’s one of my favorites of Lee-

Hasn’t this year flown by? How many photos did you take? The challenge of taking good photos is having a camera on you. Cameras are fragile, valuable, and sometimes awkward and heavy. You might not feel comfortable with your camera or know  how to use all of it’s functions. Taking pictures is not always convenient, but the reward that comes from capturing daily life will make it all worthwhile.

Grab your camera and start to PLAY! Try out all the settings and find out how they work. The immediacy of digital gives you the advantage of seeing your results right away.

Be aware of what you are shooting and compose your image. Look for distractions in the background and wait for it to leave or move and recompose. Put an effort into making each image beautiful.

My Aunt Carol used to give her camera to the kids at family get togethers. She would giggle when the photos came back to her. She enjoyed seeing the world from a different view.

So- crawl on your belly, get on your knees, hold the camera in the air and shoot away.

Use a variety of views to tell your story. Get close up to those sweet faces and capture all the lovely details.

Step further back to see more of the scene, get full bodies in frame to record their growth.

Still images are lasting and powerful. It would be easy to worry about shooting another day, but you would be missing out on now. Celebrate and capture the little things that are special to you and your family. I’ll break down the beginner’s guide to capture your inspiration here...

- Get comfortable with your camera - Play and experiment often - Change your view and perspective


© 2014 Natalie Falls