Captivated By Her Heart

I was captivated by my friend the other day. She brought tears of happiness to my eyes and joy to my heart. There aren't many people who trust like she does, I wanted to share with you what she wrote about her pregnancy. I also want to encourage you to let people know about my story. It might change someone's direction to choose life for their baby with Down Syndrome. I hope and I pray that one mother will read about our love for Elias and choose to keep her sweet baby. In the U.S. nine mommies out of ten will terminate their baby with Down Syndrome. Let me restate that, Elias is the only survivor out of ten babies like him. I often wonder if the lady watching me at the store has chosen a different direction than I have. There are many parents that watch me with Elias, I don't know their story, but I hope my story can bring healing and compassion. Enjoy what my friend wrote here, and don't be afraid to spread the love and passion God has given to me--you never know who's reading.


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