Cactus Apples And Mysterious Gutters

Tonight I dreamt of oversized pancakes, meatball storms, and tomato tornados (this is what happens when you read Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs too many times). I fell asleep curled up next to my three-year-old, breathing in his wispy red hair. His hair had the scent of our great adventure from earlier in the day where we found cactus apples, mysterious gutters, and plenty of yards to tromp around in. The world through the eyes of my son is fascinating to me, his mind is hungry to discover. A simple walk becomes an exploration trek, we are discovering the unknown.

As the weekend draws closer we all look forward to dad's homecoming --I mean come on, nobody wrestles like dad!

I want my boys to know that our weekends are special. The time we have as a family should be held close. I hope they always feel secure and know that our simple family adventures will always be here for them, no matter how big they are.

Have a cactus apple and mysterious gutter style weekend!




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