Bittersweet Three

I've lost count of how many times a mom or dad have stopped to tell me how fast the time with your children goes. They say things like "make the most of it,"  "enjoy today," and "they grow up so fast!"  Every time someone says these things, they speak to my heart. I love making the most of it. I try to live enjoy today, and as for the growing up fast part, it's bittersweet. Last night I spent time looking at pictures, movies, and read my thoughts from the last few years. I ooohed and aaaahhhed my way through the night while I basked in memories and emotions. Tomorrow, my firstborn, the one who made me a mommy, turns three. The most important thing I've learned as a mom is to watch my boys. I watch them, I study them, and I know them well. I know them so well that I have become more grateful for who God has made them. If I don't watch them and enjoy being beside them, I am forgetting what's important. I know it's not realistic to just sit around and stare at my boys all day. But when I'm watching them I try to be present. When I am present I am less likely to take today for granted. I've been given a little boy that needs me by his side. He has a lot to learn and explore. I am honored to teach him to make the most of life and embrace today. Today I'm celebrating Vitali's last day to be two, it's bittersweet.


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