I am adjusting to taking five wild boys on walks instead of two...

There are adjustments to heaping carts of food at the grocery store (the kind where you can barely turn a corner)...

And of course there are adjustments to feeding a tribe of eleven instead of four...

Soon everything will be second nature, but for now I am loving looking out the kitchen window and seeing my boys playing with their cousins. I am finding joy in everything being new and taking things as they come. My favorite part of this whole adventure is having our boys in the same room as us. I love being greeted by Elias' laugh first thing in the morning (even at 6:30 it makes me happy).

My boys remind me to enjoy and make the most of the adjustments in life. There is so much I have to learn, I don't want to miss out, I want to know and embrace what today has for me.

We've been keeping up with play dates. Today we spent time with close friends. They are stopping in for a few weeks and we are loving spending time with them and their sweet children.

Have I ever told you I love being a mom? Well I do, more today than ever.


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