A Story Behind The Picture

I am loving all the pictures that have been sent in for the photo contest. Today while I was driving I was thinking of how important our dads are to us. They have a big part of shaping who we are. Many of the pictures I've received come with stories. One man sent me a picture of his dad who just died a month ago, this is what he wrote: "It's been hard dealing with his loss, so much of me and my personality are just extensions of my dad... good to just reflect and reminisce of what a neat man he was. I know 'Father's Day' will be a rough one this year, but we're excited that my earthly father will be with his Heavenly Father on that day!" Another story is about a new dad. He lost his dad to cancer 10 years ago. Him and his wife had trouble getting pregnant with their first baby, but a little over a year later she arrived—beautiful and healthy. They know what it means to grieve and they know what it means to celebrate. He appreciates each day he has with his little girl.

Life is precious—your pictures are proof. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of your life.

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