A Full Life

I walked by the sweet elderly man that was sitting in the back row at church. As I passed by I touched his shoulder, and he held my hand. "The music was beautiful," he said. He put his head down and began to cry. He shook as he cried uncontrollable tears. I hugged him and told him I was so thankful for him. Since that moment, he's been on my mind. I can't help but wonder what Christmas is like for someone who is closer to the end of their life. His wife is gone and his children are grown. Everyone around him is busy, while he is content slowing down. An overwhelming number of memories flash through his mind as he enjoys his family on Christmas day. He remembers what it was like back then. He misses those wonderful memories, but he is grateful for the gift of a full life.

Every Christmas carol reminds him of special time with his family. Every holiday cookie becomes sweeter each year. It reminds him of his wife.

I am fascinated by those that live a long life. How can they put into words the beauty that has taken place over a lifetime?



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