A year ago I sat where you are now. Life was confusing but I knew one thing. I knew I loved my gift. Today I saw myself in you sweet mama--worn out from the unknown yet so strong with your love. You know one thing. You love your little gift. No one can hold back your passion, you have a story to tell and you will shout it from the mountain tops.

Today I told you what I would have said to myself a year ago. I reminded you of God's beautiful design, you already knew but it's always comforting to hear again.

There's a part of me that wants you to know all the things I have experienced and learned over the past year. Like a big sister I want to protect you from any pain and keep you from hurt. But the pain and the hurt will make you stronger. There is only so much I can say, the rest you have to discover as you walk through life with your precious gift.

Our gifts were thoughtfully picked out for us. Designed by the Maker of perfection.




© 2014 Natalie Falls