Spring Is Calling

Spring is in the air, and I'm pretty sure my boys are twitterpated! I haven't talked to our future in-laws yet, but I think we're ready to move forward with an arranged marriage.


They are being serenaded to spring's love song and they don't even know it!


(A coffee/apple juice date, the mommies were the 5th and 6th wheel!)


Along with feeling a little twitterpated, we are enjoying spring's arrival.


We have welcomed the warm sun and are making the most of basking in it while our little ones lay on our bellies.


Elias has taken interest in swinging from our apple tree...


...while Vitali helps nurture our nectarine tree.


I know spring is here when my herbs appear in my kitchen window. I'm one of those crazy ladies that talks to her plants. It goes something like this, "Oh hello sweet basil, would you care to compliment my salad with your mouth-watering beauty?" And she always says "Yes!"


There's something about spring that makes life new and fresh. Maybe it's walking outside and taking in a deep breath that's filled with flowering buds. Life is bursting and I can't help but be a part of it!


A new season is approaching, new life to be discovered.



© 2014 Natalie Falls